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Our escorts are available exclusively and by appointment only. Reservations are recommended and essential as it may be difficult to simply telephone and book immediately.
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Tantra massage

Tantra massage is considered a couples’ massage. Unlike other massages, the experience benefits both individuals, calming the minds of the giver and receiver while synchronizing their energies. A tantra massage’s effects goes beyond the physical to include emotional and spiritual benefits, bringing the focus of the mind into the moment and awakening the body through sensory stimulation.because of its intimate nature, can make you more aware of yourself and your sensuality. This can make you more self confident, especially in sexual situations , if done by a sexual partner, can provide relief from problems in sex and intimacy. This is because the partner must be aware of the way he is massaging and what feels good to the person being massaged, because the objective is well-being rather than sexual release.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage can relax muscles, increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products, help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness, a better awareness of their body and the way they use and position it. The strokes and manipulations of Swedish Massage are each conceived as having a specific therapeutic benefit.

Royal massage

Unique “touch of the Orient” that begins with our ever popular massage services. Our massage therapies incorporate the best of ancient England massage techniques and are available in two varieties: a classic “relaxing” massage that is guaranteed to relax your body and mind – or a “deep-tissue” massage that is more invigorating. Applied over time time, both not only make you feel great but provide you health that are steeped in the mysteries of time .Aims to assist the body to regain from strains, aches and stress through acupressure, and lymph draining techniques Lavender oil is perfect for treating insomnia. It also helps to relieve chest congestion and muscular aches and pain. Restores energy and fosters overall well-being

Thai massage

Relax your body and relive stress with Thai Massage! Our expert masseuse will show you a variety of Thai massage techniques, including how to do Thai f neck shoulder back breech and sensitive zone legs massages in this free massage therapy

Oil massage

Best if you want to Connect more intimately with your partner as you indulge in a sensual and stimulating oilFormulated not only to be healthy for your skin and body, but to be luxurious and fun to use, too. Specially blended to be more absorbent than typical oil massage . Not only experience the afterglow of a wonderful massage, but enjoy skin that is nourished and feels soft, tender, smooth and touchable.Sightly warming.. . Allow its rich and healthy enjoy the moment. – Absolute perfection!